The Island Makers Guild is a committee of SJI Grange#966 with the mission of creating and operating a Tool Lending Library in Friday Harbor, Washington.

What is a Tool Library?

Tool Library is any sort of establishment that houses a large inventory of tools and various items that can be lent out to its members, much like a regular book library.

Check out our ever-growing Online Inventory!

What is our mission?

  • cropped-header3Provide the community with access to tools at low or no cost
  • Promote education about tool use and safety
  • Connect the community further through sharing knowledge and resources

Who are we?

This is a project located in Friday Harbor, Washington and managed by San Juan Island Grange #966. ”Supporting a resilient community of growers, makers and keepers….”

Our Guild is a committee within the Grange with the task of starting and maintaining the Library.DSCN2398 For more about the Grange, check out their website: San Juan Island Grange

Photo: A meeting of committee members including Roger Ellison, Jana Meredith,  Alison Longley,  Alice Deane, and Grange Master Boyd Pratt. Taken by Committee Chair Carter Fuehr-Bush.

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